ECO Frequently Asked Questions

Are your candles 100% soy wax?
Yes. Our candles are created with 100% organic soybean wax that is free from pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified material.

Are your candles made in the USA?
Yes. We use soy wax made in the US from soybeans grown by US farmers. We hand-pour our candles in Denton, TX, and ship them directly to you.

How are soy candles better for the environment?
Soy candles burn cleaner and 40% to 50% longer than paraffin candles.

What makes your candles more fragrant than many other candles?
Our candles are triple-scented for exceptional fragrance experience, which allows you to enjoy the fragrance even when you aren’t burning them.

Why does my candle smoke a lot when I light it?
The wick is probably too long. Before lighting your soy candle, trim the wick ¼” each time. Otherwise the candle may smoke and burn too fast.

My candle doesn’t burn evenly all the way to the edges. What is wrong?
Your candle has a memory so make sure the first time you burn it, the candle pools completely to the edges of the container. Otherwise, you start a tunnel candle.

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